Turning data into knowledge with Natural Language Understanding

What is Natural Understanding and why is it useful to you?

Natural Language Understanding is the branch of artificial intelligence that deals with natural language understanding: written texts of any kind (emails, documents, articles, contracts, web pages, etc.).

Unstructured data is everywhere, both in our working and personal environment, but the software we normally use does not understand it. So it happens that automatic tools are only entrusted with the processing of structured data in databases and not with the wider, richer and more complex part of corporate data, the part expressed in natural language within any kind of digitally available document, including free text fields in databases.

How many times have you heard that if you have entered useful information in a note field, the computer cannot process it because everyone writes it differently?

If, for example, the relevant information in a contract has not been encoded in the company ERP, it cannot be retrieved automatically from a pdf file in an unknown format, from an e-mail, from a scanned paper document, from a notes field. Of course not.

But no.

NSI is able - thanks to its partnership with expert.ai - to overcome this limitation, which still too often forces tedious manual analysis of data written in natural language, in various ways and in various formats, to transform them into structured data that can be automatically managed by information systems.

How does Expert.ai works?

Expert.ai has developed an artificial intelligence platform that mimics on a large scale the human ability to understand language and complex information contained in texts, with the accuracy required to meet any organisational need.

Leveraging a broad and generic knowledge representation (Knowledge Graph), expert.ai's platform integrates the best tools of Natural Language Understanding and machine learning to intelligently automate business processes and extract strategic information from available sources.

Expert.ai is able to distinguish the correct meaning of words and expressions based on the context in which they are used (e.g. "SUV" and "sedan") by automatically associating them with the attributes of other more general concepts related to them ("car").

The expert.ai platform is also able to identify the relationships between different concepts in a text thanks to various levels of linguistic analysis (morphological, grammatical and syntactic) together with semantic analysis and term disambiguation.

How does NSI works?

NSI, thanks to expert.ai's technology, implements software that transforms your data into knowledge, introducing the ability to understand texts within business processes and increasing operational efficiency.

What are the benefits of Natural Language Understanding?

  1. Accuracy: allows text analysis on any type of document, processing huge amounts of data in a much shorter time than manual analysis would require, in an objective and accurate manner.
  2. Scalability: the sectors to which the Natural Processing Language can be applied are various: legal, insurance, banking, publishing, health, food & beverage, energy and Public Administration and can be easily extended.
  3. Increased productivity: thanks to NLU solutions, people will be able to focus on activities of value, favouring productivity and company growth.
  4. Creation of Business Value: artificial intelligence enriches your organisation with new skills and improves efficiency.
  5. Value from data: a better organisation and analysis of your data leads to the extraction of useful information for decision-making.

At NSI - Think Outside the Box, we believe in the present and future of artificial intelligence, in its potential to create a better world by freeing humans from repetitive tasks with little added value, but which require skills that - until yesterday - were exclusively human.

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