The new site? We love it!

In this period of lockdown, we decided to invest the time saved from visits to clients, trips and daily emergencies to complete those internal projects that often end up being postponed... there is always something more urgent to do 😊.

The weather and the mind more free added to the spring, the sun and the heat that advances, have given off new creative energy and, so, we decided to remake the look ... starting from the site! But we didn't redesign the site just for an aesthetic reason.

We redesigned it We have re-made it to communicate to our customers and to those who will decide to become it that We are there. We are there to accelerate their business and make their customers' experience unique. We've been doing this since 2002 and will continue to do so, always keeping the customer (and its customers) at the centre.

But not only that, we decided to start a new project: Outside the box, the webinar of NSI useful for you and your business! An editorial plan to position ourselves also as a provider of training and information content on the areas in which we are competent, where we can have our say, in an original way, continuing to be close to our customers. Here you can see the calendar of the next appointments: they are free meetings on the latest technological trends, useful for companies to live the challenges of the current situation and get started again in the best possible way.

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