Power Automate, the software that makes your routine automatic

Often, while working, we are obliged to perform repetitive actions on a daily basis, but which are necessary for our activity. Usually these actions are also quite boring. Sometimes we don't even remember to do them because we are busy with a thousand other tasks: did I send the e-mail to the client? Did I sign the project document? How much time do we actually lose during the day? It would really be a dream to not have to worry at all about certain tasks and to concentrate on the main tasks of our work, or better still, it would be great if there was a programme that performed these actions automatically. Fortunately, Power Automate exists.

Power Automate is a Microsoft service that is part of the Office365 package.
Office365 offers different services, which can be used depending on the licence: e-mail via Exchange Online, storage and editing of files via One Drive for Business, group and project management via Sharepoint, and collaboration via Microsoft Teams.

All the programmes within Office365 are able to communicate with each other, sharing (more or less) the same framework. So why not fully automate some procedures that are perfectly manageable through these services?

For example: on receipt of an e-mail with the subject line "Project X", a flow may be triggered which saves the e-mail and the attachments in a folder on the Sharepoint site of the Office365 group "Project X", then a notification is launched alerting all the people to whom the folder has been shared that a document has been added. The same flow could also present a notification on the Sharepoint channel of the team linked to the group.

There are many examples, ranging from workflow management, as in the examples above, to work organisation itself. It is even possible to automate the flow of holiday requests.

What do you need to use Power Automate? A web browser and an e-mail address.

Do you understand the advantages?

Let's summarise them together:

1. Zero Repetitiveness

With Power Automate you automate repetitive and time-consuming manual tasks through artificial intelligence capabilities.

2. Better work processes

You can have more control over the information flows within your company: send communications at repeated intervals, record the duration of your work or the address of a customer with a single click.

3. Saving time

By automating certain steps of your work you can devote more time to other activities.

4. Cloud Solution

The entire solution uses Microsoft's cloud framework, so information can be accessed from any device by connecting to the network and using your own credentials.

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