NSI in the Leader of Growth 2019 ranking drawn up by Il Sole 24 ore and Statista

"Growth Leader" is more than ranking, it is a very important indicator, in at least 2 respects:  

1. SMEs, which make up the entire list, are the engine of development and entrepreneurship in Italy.

2. Growth is possible, even after difficult economic times. The ranking was drawn up considering the companies that grew the most, in terms of turnover, between 2014 and 2017. Recall that in 2013 the great recession due to the real estate bubble burst in the U.S. was in full swing, and caused global upheaval intensified in Europe also by the austerity policy imposed by the European Community.

The analysis carried out by Il Sole 24 Ore together with Statista on the selected companies has highlighted some common success factors - the spread of advanced digital services and e-commerce - that have led our companies to act and react in order to emerge effectively and strongly from the economic crisis.

Leader of growth is a message of hope and positivity, today more important than ever to get out of the current health emergency.

We are honoured to be part of this cross-section of resilient and brave SMEs able to stay focused at the worst possible time and, for this reason, able to find the right way up.

With this and other achievements, we know that we can face new challenges with passion and dedication, but above all we can help our customers to face their challenges and continue to grow.

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