Innovation has a new energy with PowerEdge servers

"Energy is the power that drives every human." Cit. Germaine Greer.

It is not only humans who need energy and fuel, but everything in this world, from vehicles, agriculture, electricity and especially technology and IT infrastructure.

In this case, the first step is to choose the right IT infrastructure for your business. Dell Technologies' PowerEdge servers are there to do just that: they empower your hybrid cloud by making it more agile, secure and intelligent.

When upgrading infrastructure, what are the main benefits that organisations are looking for, and what are the challenges that infrastructure and operations professionals face? A Forrester research paper tells us.

Security and automation - every IT manager's dream

The main feature of an IT infrastructure must be security, an issue that professionals must continuously monitor, manage and remediate. 71% of organisations surveyed report an increase in increasingly sophisticated threats and ransomware (a type of malware that restricts access to the infected device, demanding a ransom).
In addition, automation is on the rise, but unfortunately still few use it: 50% of professionals have fully or almost fully automated processes such as operating system patches, firmware updates, security checks and scans, while only 27% automate configuration compliance. These security problems are daunting and exhaust IT resources, which are forced to perform routine tasks, but above all, they waste companies' time and money.

What PowerEdge servers offer

PowerEdge servers meet businesses' digital transformation needs with a portfolio that supports diverse workloads and business objectives. Each server is designed with built-in security, from manufacturing to supply chain and retirement, all from a single, trusted supplier.

What are its main characteristics?

  1. Artificial intelligence: PowerEdge servers are equipped with PCIe Gen 4.0, which doubles the throughput performance and supports more demanding and data-intensive workloads.
  2. Integrated security for end-to-end protection: built with a cyber-resilient architecture and a solid silicon root of trust, PowerEdge servers are protected throughout their lifecycle.
  3. Efficient and sustainable cooling: building energy efficient products is Dell's primary commitment to the environment. The new servers feature ducted fans and adaptive cooling that improves energy efficiency by up to 60 percent over the previous generation of servers. In addition, combined with multi-vector cooling, PowerEd automatically directs airflow to the hottest part of the server for optimised cooling.

Credits by Dell Technologies.

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