Innovactionary, the glossary of innovation: IT Maturity

Every day you are surrounded by the words of innovation, some familiar, some less: IoT, big data, asset cloud, digital transformation, block chain, etc..

For some of these you have an idea of what they represent, for others less so. Warn yourself, however, that they are significant to your business and you can't ignore them.

With Innovactionary we try to clarify, without any pretension of exhaustiveness. We explain these words of innovation better and understand, together, how important they are for the present of your company.

Let's start with the first basic concept.

IT Maturity: indicates the level of technological development (hardware and software) that makes a company more or less competitive in its target market.

A study on IT maturity, commissioned in 2017 by DELL EMC, entitled "2017 IT transformation maturity curve" reveals how 85% of companies that consider themselves mature are convinced that they are in an average strong position to compete and achieve success in their market. Interestingly, however, only 43% of less mature companies have the same belief.

IT maturity is a requirement for market success. A requirement that is measured not only by the possession of advanced machinery (hardware), but also by the interconnection between them (software): innovative use of data obtained through the exchange of information, increasingly integrated, between internal systems (e.g. WEB/MES, HMI/SCADA etc.) and external (e.g. CRM, supply chain, etc.).

At NSI, we can help you achieve IT maturity with software that is tailored to your business and IT services that support your production processes.

Don't hesitate again, let's meet.

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