Innovactionary, the glossary of innovation: IoT, internet of things

The word of innovation today:

IoT, internet of things. The term was coined in 1999 by British researcher Kevin Ashton, co-founder and executive director of Auto-ID Center (a research consortium based at MIT), by IoT we mean everyday objects that become intelligent. They identify, locate, acquire and process data. They communicate with each other.

It is interesting the study conducted by Cisco Systems on the theme IoT: in 2020 about 50 trillion sensors will be installed in the world that will connect objects of any nature to the Internet.

The resulting data will all come from the source and will therefore be more homogeneous and structured than, for example, all the data collected by social media. The data coming from the sensors will also be much faster in the way they will be generated: according to Cisco, in 2019 a smart city with 1 million residents will create about 180 Gigabytes of data per day.

The fields of application of IoT can vary from industry, mobility, environmental sustainability to embedded systems, domotics and robotics to surveillance and people's health. The big challenge for C-Level and managers, from any industry, is to quickly extract knowledge from the data collected and manage it to improve internal processes and business, to reduce costs and launch new business projects: software and innovative ICT infrastructures to collect and analyze, are a real competitive advantage for companies that will be leaders in their sector.

The new data revolution has begun, take the right path. Let's meet.

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