Innovactionary, the glossary of innovation: Industry 4.0

The word of innovation today:

Industy 4.0: the term was used for the first time in 2011 during the Hannover Messe, a trade fair dedicated to industrial technologies. The expression indicates an intelligent production system where the production performance of factories and plants is optimized through the application of technology IoT and the interpretation of Big Dates.

A trend, an ongoing process that has as its main engine the integration between digital and mechanical components, and of course, the model of Smart Factory, the intelligent industry characterized by:

  • Smart production, production technologies that create collaboration between all the elements present in production or collaboration between operator, machines and tools.
  • Smart Services, “IT infrastructures” and techniques to integrate the systems, the companies (supplier - customer) among themselves and with external structures
  • Smart energy, sensitivity to energy consumption and creation of more efficient systems according to the paradigms of Sustainable Energy.

Change, transformation, acceleration towards new paradigms and scenarios. In such a context there is no more valuable opportunity to come into direct contact with leading experts in the field.

We know this well and that's why on November 7 in the NSI house will take place iNSIde the Smart Factory, make IT possible.

The event, organized in partnership with DELL EMC, will be an opportunity to analyze Digital Transformation & Workforce Transformation; the IoT world; data management according to Dell and the potential of Cobots, the collaborative robots that are revolutionizing the logistics and factory automation sectors.

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