Goodmorning, I'm Safework

Today we introduce you to SAFEWORK!

Forwork Suite, which includes Medwork, is updated, and the Safework module has a new look 😉

Safework is the cloud software that controls workplace security. It is an up-to-date support on current regulations regarding Risk Assessment Documents, improvement plans and management of Individual Protection Devices.

With Safework you can manage complex corporate security procedures in a simple way:

  • Automatically produce the Risk Assessment Report and the Interference Risk Assessment Document and customize the models.
  • Define the types of PPE and assign them to workers.
  • Record the events that impact on company security. 
  • Define the improvement plans dedicated to company activities. 
  • Manage the authorizations required by the Authorities.
  • Keep all deadlines under control so you don't miss anything. 
  • Define indicators to understand the status of the company.
  • Manage different users and domains.
  • Integrate your account with other software systems.

Focus on your work, to the rest we take care off!

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