GE.D.I Project

What is GE.D.I? There it is.


GE.D.I is a platform prototype web based that we are building to enable clinical organizations to collect and analyze clinical and genetic data from patients suffering from rare skeletal diseases.

The software is based on a system of roles for managing access permissions to sensitive data. GE.D.I is designed to meet the Privacy-by-Design principles of GDPR - EU Reg. 2016/67.


Are at least 3 the targets of software platform.

  1. Enable the different clinical organizations to collect, in a structured way, personal, clinical and genetic data of patients.
  2. Sharing data in order to improve the significance of statistical results as a result of the aggregation of information distributed among the participating reference centres.
  3. Generate genograms for immediate family history.



At the end of works, we will have created a prototype software platform for sharing data on rare skeletal diseases between organizations operating on national and European territory.

Through GE.D.I, clinicians and geneticists will be able to collect, in a safe, structured and simple way, the clinical and genetic data of their patients, also through mobile devices (tablets). Moreover, they will be supported by the platform in sharing data with other clinics.

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