PRESS RELEASE: COVID 19, at the Hospital of St. Matthew in Pavia there is also Bologna

Press Release 28 May 2020

COVID 19: at the Hospital of San Matteo in Pavia there is also Bologna

For the safety of polyclinic workers (frontline in emergency) there is the software of a computer company in Bologna: NSI


One of the polyclinics in the front line in the fight against Covid-19 - the St. Matthew in Pavia - uses the software of a Bologna-based company, NSI Nier Soluzioni Informatiche, to support the management of the health surveillance of the polyclinic's staff in relation to the pandemic.

The NSI solution for the management of health surveillance is called Medwork and has been used for some time by St. Matthew's (this is the reality, we remind you, that today it is at the forefront in the treatment of the virus with the experimentation of hyperimmune plasma treatment).

In the wake of this collaboration, NSI developed the "CO-19" module within Medwork in this pandemic emergency, enriching the functionality of the software to help ensure adequate levels of prevention and protection for workers.

Medwork's CO-19 Module allows competent physicians, or those who care for the health and safety of employees, to search and identify the so-called fragile and most at risk workers; quickly identify the list of positive employees at least once at Covid-19 and those not yet tested; manage swabs and serological tests; provide an appropriate certificate of suitability.

It can also be integrated with the spacing functions offered by solutions such as MODIS from Stoorm5 that make use of apps or intelligent devices. This allows you to trace back contacts at risk and helps you to do prevention. The application - underlines NSI - operates in full compliance with regulations and privacy provisions.

This application potentially involves almost 4,000 (four thousand) workers in the Polyclinic.

For further details, information and contacts please refer to the bottom of the press release.


Dott. Pier Silverio Pedrelli, Sales &Marketing Director NSI

s.pedrelli@nsi.it, +39 335 7582385


Medwork – www.medwork.it

Medwork is the cloud software developed by NSI to plan, execute and monitor all health surveillance activities, designed for doctors, consulting companies, clinics, private and public companies. Medwork, together with Safework and Trainwork is part of the Forwork Suite.

NSI think outside the box –

Street Bonazzi 2, 40013, Castel Maggiore (BO)

Phone number: 0510391000 – info@nsi.it

NSI is a digital transformation company that helps companies redesign their business processes and grow with customized IT solutions and digital products. Since 2002, NSI has been working to give companies the freedom to innovate and provide their customers with a unique experience. With 2 locations - in Bologna and Milan - it offers work to over 120


I.R.C.C.S. St. Matthew Polyclinic Foundation - www.sanmatteo.org

Avenue Camillo Golgi 19,27100 Pavia

Phone number: 0382.5011

St. Matthew is an Institute of Scientific Hospitalization and Care (IRCCS), which distinguishes itself from other hospitals because, together with hospitalization and care services for the sick, it also carries out research, with the aim of improving clinical care through the application to the bed of the patient of the discoveries of experimental research. Physicians and researchers therefore make a vital contribution to clinical research, which is an essential gateway to biomedical innovation. Its IRCCS mission is carried out in treatment and research in the fields of transplantology, regenerative medicine and highly complex diseases and, in particular, in specific areas such as child and adult haematology, cardiology, infectivology, oncology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, rare diseases and advanced surgery.
St. Matthew combines in itself all three fundamental aspects of health care: assistance, affirming its role as a reference hospital (HUB) and center of organizational and pathology NETWORKS; research, being IRCCS and playing a leading national and international role in finalized and current research; basic and specialized university training, being a Polyclinic of the University of Pavia, with the seat of the Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery, which boasts a centenary school, and three-year and master's degree courses in the health professions. Today, the IRCCS Policlinic St. Matthew, with over 3,600 employees, 1,024 accredited beds, 36,000 admissions, 100,000 admissions to the Emergency Room, 2.6 million outpatient services, an operating budget of over 412 million euros, is one of the 5 large public hospitals in Lombardy and is the largest company in the Pavia area.

Stoorm5 SRL – www.stoorm5.com

Street Natalino Corazza 7/7,40128, Bologna (BO) – Italy

E-mail: info@stoorm5.com

Stoorm5 SRL develops Internet of Things products and services thanks to the innovative Stoorm5 software platform. Their products provide real-time monitoring and control of remote devices, from small objects for domestic use to large industrial devices, from single industrial machines to entire production chains. It supports data collection, aggregation and processing of heterogeneous devices in a single control center, providing enterprise-class security and reliability.

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