Company protection starts with data protection

Technological innovation is moving faster than light, and as we know, the words change, recovery and agile working characterise our days as never before. Many companies have happily embraced hybrid working, but without thinking too much about the risks it could bring: data security problems and consequent vulnerability of organisations. Problems that are often underestimated, but unfortunately increasingly frequent.

The question is: what can you really do to protect your data and achieve greater operational efficiency and resilience?

Dell Technologies conducted a survey called the Global Data Protection Index, where they interviewed 1,000 IT managers from global organisations. It emerged that protecting themselves against risks related to cyber threats and agile working is a top priority for them.

Here are the figures in detail:

  1. 62% are worried about the management of malware and ransomware.
  2. 74% found an increased risk of cyber threats for employees which work from remote locations.
  3. 67% has difficulty to protect native cloud apps.

So, it is important to take immediate action to better protect the company's information assets, in order to avoid risks that could endanger business activities. And Dell Technologies' PowerProtect Cyber Recovery data recovery solutions are a great help here, because they allow you to:

  1. Protect business-critical data from ransomware and cyber attacks,
  2. Identify data corruption alerts with machine learning and intelligent analysis,
  3. Accelerate recovery of optimal data to quickly resume business operations.

But that's not all, because Dell's solutions also protect SaaS applications, on-premise and cloud workloads with backup, long-term retention and disaster recovery. All while reducing the cost of cloud services and resources by up to 84%.

Credits by Dell Technologies.

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