4 reasons why VDI is the ideal solution for your business.

In recent years there has often been talk of VDI.

But what exactly is it and how can it be useful for your work? Let's start from the basics: the VDI infrastructure, or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is a technology that allows you to manage virtual desktops.

More specifically, a virtual machine controlled by a hypervisor creates a series of virtualized desktops that are hosted on a centralized server and distributed to end customers on request.

But, what are the main advantages that a VDI infrastructure can bring to the management of your business?

Let's see four:

  1. You can pick up where you left off.
    The most competitive advantage is certainly the fact that, thanks to VDI, it is possible for workers to continue working remotely by resuming work exactly where they left it, simply by connecting to the virtual desktop, and working as if they were local. .
  2. Have more IT security and centralization
    Because most computing happens in a datacenter, desktop virtualization allows IT departments and organizations to distribute low-cost computers and devices to end users, as most of the computing work intensive takes place in the datacenter. Desktop virtualization software allows IT administrators to centrally control which users can access certain data and applications. Furthermore, in the event of problems, IT departments can intervene without directly accessing the devices, but through the data centers.
  3. You can access your work environment anywhere and with any device
    Having a virtualized desktop therefore allows you to always access it using your credentials, from anywhere and from any device. Users can access work data whether they are at home or on the road and can easily access applications even during business meetings.
  4. You have everything at the same speed, even when you are at home or on an old pc
    You have everything at the same speed, even when you are at home or on an old pc Another great advantage of the VDI is that, from anywhere you access and from any device, the work experience is always the same. This type of experience is therefore consistent, predictable and reliable and favors the simplification of the work flow. End users can access apps and data from any device and location, without limitations in terms of performance.

It is clear, now more than ever, that the way we work has changed profoundly, with more and more employees working outside the office. Thanks to the virtual infrastructure, you can improve the productivity of your workforce, while optimizing management and IT costs.

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