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COVID-19 and protection of personal data

How to keep the management of privacy in the company compliant even in times of medical emergency.

Discovering Awingu, a solution for smart working

In this meeting we will talk about Awingu, a virtual workspace solution for smartworking. Together we will understand why it is simpler and more secure than a VPN system and how it lowers infrastructure management costs (TCO).

The competent doctor, the Covid-19 emergency and the importance of IT tools

How should the competent doctor behave during Covid-19 and what IT tools do he have at his disposal for this emergency? Let's find out with dr. Andrea Casalone, surgeon, specialist in occupational medicine.

Introduction to agile estimation and planning

Without agile estimation and planning, we cannot manage agile projects. The webinar is mainly about planning, or the answer to the question: "what should we produce and by when?"

The NSI proposal on data protection and security in the company.

In this webinar we examine the types of attacks and the technological and process response that we can implement to make our infrastructure more resilient.