Intelligence AI

We help you accelerate digital transformation by analysing the natural language in text and documents to get maximum value from your data and improve every step of your business processes, from design to execution.

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Cognitive Search Engine and Knowledge Discovery

We develop solutions that automate data acquisition and extraction, simplify analysis and facilitate the exploitation of information relevant to your business.

Internal documents such as circulars, regulations, policies, project documents, e-mails, reports, presentations and analyses contain data with very high potential.

Augmented Intelligence

We value information inside and outside your organisation.

We identify potential threats in advance, make unstructured information available in real time through augmented intelligence, extract value from terabytes of data, and identify abstract connections hidden in text.

Smart interaction and chatbot

We love taking care of your customers with great attention to details, whether your company is B2C, B2B, PA, small to medium-sized or enterprise.

With smart interaction projects we help you to implement question answering systems, chatbots and virtual assistants, e-mail and profiling of your customers' needs, offering accuracy, speed and flexibility.

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Speed ​​of implementation

Project ROIs are higher because implementation times are faster

Greater accuracy

Get the highest level of accuracy and reliability when extracting information from unstructured text

Business Value Creation

Artificial intelligence enriches your organisation with new skills and creates efficiency.


The NLU platform adapts quickly to your needs