Intelligence AI

We help you accelerate digital transformation by analyzing the natural language present in texts and documents to get the most value from your data and improve every step of your business processes, from design to execution.

What do we do

Cognitive Search Engine and Knowledge Discovery

Internal documents such as: circulars, regulations, policies, project documents or e-mails, reports, presentations and analyzes contain data with very high potential for every organization.

We develop solutions that automate the acquisition and extraction of data, simplify analysis and facilitate the enhancement of information relevant to your business.

Augmented Intelligence

Valuing information internal and external to your organization is not obvious. Neither is identifying potential threats in advance or supporting tactical and strategic choices.

With Augmented Intelligence solutions, we help you make unstructured information usable in real time, extracting valuable information from terabytes of data and identifying abstract connections hidden in texts.

Smart interaction and chatbot

Taking care of the customer is a job that requires great attention to detail. Whether your company is B2C, B2B, PA, with small-medium size or enterprise, the centrality of the customer is crucial.

With smart interaction projects we help you to create question answering systems, chatbots and virtual assistants, e-mails and profiling the needs of your customers, offering you accuracy, speed and flexibility.


Speed ​​of implementation

Project ROIs are higher due to the speed of implementation

Greater accuracy

The highest level of accuracy and reliability in extracting information from unstructured texts.

Business Value Creation

Artificial intelligence enriches your organization with new skills as well as creating efficiency.

Scalability's NLU platform quickly adapts to different use cases.

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