IT Infrastructure

A diagnosis of your problems and an analysis of your needs to build customised solutions and take your company to new levels of performance and efficiency.
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Data center

We design and build data centres with firewall technologies and backup or disaster recovery solutions using virtualisation, storage and networking technologies.
We introduce technologies, migrate systems already in use by the customer, build hybrid infrastructures with mixed technologies between on premise and cloud.

IT Security

We design and implement corporate antivirus and data encryption and mobile security infrastructures.
We implement perimeter protection solutions introducing Next Generation Firewalls and advanced technologies to prevent ransomware attacks.


We realise projects with collaboration solutions:

  • software for individual production, also accessible via the web,
  • shared storage for storing files to which you have access according to your permissions,
  • chat and video chat systems for live collaboration via comments, suggestions or remote meetings (e.g. Microsoft Teams)
    systems for automating work flows and organisation (e.g. Microsoft Power Automate)


We design and implement hyperconverged infrastructures. We bundle data centre systems such as servers, storage and networking and manage them using a single application, minimising any compatibility issues between different components.

SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Networking)

We implement SD-WAN solutions to simplify branch networking and optimise the performance of applications over the Internet and hybrid WANs.

VMware SD-WAN makes branch office provisioning faster with fully automated deployment, simplified configuration and centralised troubleshooting tools. Add network services at the branch perimeter, in the cloud, or in data centers. Improve application performance over Internet or hybrid connections with secure, direct access to enterprise and cloud applications. Support coexistence and interoperability of multiple connections, devices and services.

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Simplify your life, keep all your data safe in one place and work comfortably from a distance


With technology you simplify production processes and work better


Sleep soundly because you are sure that someone is taking care of keeping your infrastructure and data safe at all times

How we collaborate


We collect and analyse project requirements. This is the most important phase, in which the customer's needs must be understood as fully as possible.


We design the most suitable solution for the customer's needs, always "thinking outside the box"!


We decide together on the design solution by sharing the project objectives and checking that what is to be implemented corresponds to what is desired.


We realise your project. This is the most operational phase, where the idea is transformed into something tangible.


Final testing is the phase in which it is verified (and ratified) that what has been realised really covers your needs.

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