IT Infrastructure

A diagnosis of your problems and an analysis of your needs for building customized solutions and leading your company to new levels of performance and efficiency.

What we do


Through virtualization, storage and networking technologies, we design and build entire datacenters with firewall technologies and backup or disaster recovery solutions; we introduce the necessary technologies by migrating the systems already in production to the Customer; we build hybrid infrastructures with mixed technologies between on premise and cloud.

Sicurezza IT

We design and build both the corporate antivirus infrastructure and that for data encryption and mobile security.


We create collaboration solutions:

  • software for individual production, also available via the web (e.g. word, excel, etc.)
  • shared storage within which the files to be accessed are stored, each according to their permissions, and work simultaneously;
  • chat and video systems to be able to collaborate live, through comments or suggestions or meetings remotely



Enjoy all the benefits of the technologies implemented


Simplify production processes.


Sleep soundly because you are sure that everything that is necessary is on for guaranteeing the continuity of business

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