Enterprise Service Desk

Focus on your business while we manage your IT infrastructure.
Enterprise Service Desk, the IT assistance service dedicated to all companies that want to grow their business.
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Single Point of Contact - SPoC

The first point of contact. We collect user requests, identify the right team to manage them and follow the request lifecycle until the user is fully satisfied.

Help Desk

We take care of your people. We listen to their IT needs, solve their problems and help them in their operations, assisting them remotely or with on-site interventions.
With our IT support you reduce downtime and increase your company's productivity.

Install, Move, Add and Change

We handle all the day-to-day activities related to workstation management. Mass installation or software upgrades, decommissioning or relocation of workstations, hardware replacements with data transfer, we take care of it, you take care of your business.

Asset inventory & management

We improve understanding and control of IT resources. We track and archive all relevant device and software information in order to have an overview of the entire installed hardware and software pool.

Web protection & filtering

We guarantee your users completely safe Internet surfing. We block dangerous websites and apply rules and filters for the use of content.

Managed antivirus

We protect your workstations. We prevent malware from attacking your system by protecting you from spam, viruses, phishing and other attacks.

Managed backup

We protect your company's information assets. We implement backup infrastructures so that you have fast, reliable and secure copies of your data.

Network Operation Center - NOC

We look after and optimise your core infrastructure, servers and network. We take charge of your IT needs, analysing problems and optimising your infrastructure with the aim of ensuring business continuity and security at all times.


Monitor the health of your computer systems in real time. We will be able to alert you promptly in case of malfunctions or we will take care of the problem directly.

Service Level Agreement

We decide together how long it will take to take charge of your company's needs and solve its problems. By listening to your needs.

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Business Continuity

Maintain service continuity through structured and certified teams

Energy to devote to business

Outsource IT management, increase efficiency and reduce troubleshooting time

Flexibility and efficiency

Access new technologies and improve the performance of your work

Unique work experience of your collaborators

Get support on all IT issues, on-site and remotely

How we collaborate

Remote service

The management of an infrastructure, as well as assistance to users, is nowadays carried out almost completely remotely.

We use the best available tools both for connecting to the infrastructure and for collaborating with users, ensuring ease of use, flexibility and security. This keeps time and costs down.

On site

If the work cannot be done remotely, we do it directly at the customer's premises.
This is the only way in which maintenance or hardware upgrades can be carried out.


For more structured companies that need an extension of the assistance service from the point of view of effort and from the point of view of time, the optimal solution is the supervision or guaranteed presence of our technicians for a certain number of hours, or days tailored to your needs.

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