Data protection & Privacy

The opportunity behind the obligation. We guide you in the process of your GDPR compliance, and at the same time we provide you with a new point of view to optimize your company's organizational processes.

What we do

Audit & Risk Assessment

We verify Organization's Data Governance, roles, responsibilities and risks resulting from the processing of personal data: we analyze the Organization's information systems (ICT Risk Assessment) and establish an Improvement Plan for the security and protection measures implemented.

Record of processing activities, roles and responsibilities

We prepare the Record of Processing, as Owner and / or Manager, in digital format: we help you regulate the roles and responsibilities of internal and external treatment

Privacy Organizational Model

We draft the Privacy Organizational Model (MOP: we help you collect the technical and organizational measures and processes to guarantee - and demonstrate - compliance with EU Regulation 2016/679 and Italian legislation. We also propose Procedures and Guidelines for the correct processing of data personnel.

Data Protection Impact Assessment

We draft the Data Privacy Impact Assessment - DPIA  for treatments that present an high risk for the rights and freedoms of the data subjects.

Data Breach Analysis and Management

We manage and analyze the personal data breach events and record them in dedicated record.

Websites compliance

We deal with the compliance of the websites from a formal point of view or a specific audit activity that aligns the site, from a documentary and functional point of view with the current legislation on the matter (Privacy & Cookie Policy, Data Processing Agreement etc).

Training on-site and e-learning GDPR

We provide classroom training courses for Authorized Personnel who processes the Organization's personal data to learn more about the regulations, practices, responsibilities, procedures and safety and protection measures. Also in e-learning.

Data protection officer activities

We provide advice, thanks to the Privacy-DPO Team, to the data controller and to the employees who perform the treatment; we monitor the compliance of obligations and policies of the data controller regarding the protection of personal data.
We are a point of contact with the authority in case of inspection: supervision and support assist the organization of presence at the headquarters until the end of the control.

Maintaining the level of compliance

Once an adequate level of organizational compliance has been reached, we help you maintain it over time, adapting the Privacy Organizational Model to any developments that may occur, guaranteeing constant assistance.

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Test

With the Vulnerability Assessment we identify which parts of an IT system are vulnerable in terms of security. The Penetration Test, on the other hand, consists of a simulation of attack towards that specific goal in order to test the effectiveness of the defenses prepared. These tools are fundamental for testing the resilience and security of an IT system.



Improve the processes of managing personal data in the company.


Protect your personal data assets.


Consolidate and strengthen the trust of your collaborators, customers, prospects and partners.

How we collaborate


A large part of the consultancy is carried out through meetings at the customer aimed at collecting data or returning feedback or even front training.


The production of documents, the drafting of opinions, the updating of the UTOPIA GDPR software is carried out in the backend at our offices.

Remote assistance.

Your reference consultants are always at your disposal to answer your doubts or in any case to give you assistance.


The training can also be carried out in e-learning mode, or distance learning, through the contents made available by our team.

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