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Industry 4.0 is the process that transforms and digitizes the productive cycle of your factory. Improve the productive efficiency with advanced software.

websites, app & ecommerce

Discover Creative Lab web with love by NSI, the line of web development, graphic and communication services.

GDPR & Privacy

We guide you on your GDPR compliance by offering you unprecedented overview and new IT security strategies for your company.

Cyber Security

The success of your company it's also due to a solid and secure IT system.

Forwork Suite

We help you to reorder all the data you have accumulated over the years, aggregating and transforming them thanks to Business Intelligence.

It & Cloud Platform

We lighten up your activity's costs by refining the processes.
Thanks to Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform cloud infrastructures.

Software Factory

When deciding to use a customized software it's not a choice but a need: the main road to accelerate your business.


With Network Operation Center we take care of the operation of networks and servers by preventing or solving problems that could damage your business.

Enterprise Service Desk

The IT support service dedicated to all companies that want to grow their own business.


We transformed the work experience of:

NSI stories

Matteo Barsacchi

Responsabile servizio prevenzione e protezione Coop Lombardia

Simone Zamparelli

HR & Legal team for 24Bottles

Marco Liverani

Direttore acquisti AEPI

Mauro Bizzo

System & Networks Manager for SchlegelGiesse

Alessandro Rossi

Responsabile prevenzione e protezione di Unicoop Tirreno

Benedetta Scandola

Coordinamento operativo della Fondazione Claudio Abbado

Sergio Zini

Presidente Gruppo Nazareno Cooperative

Paolo Bellegotti

AD Gruppo Bellegotti

Valentina Tieni

Office manager Volux

Enrico Baldisserri

Responsabile del servizio Information Technology Credemtel spa

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