Stefano Borghi

Chief of Software Factory

Class 1970, I was born in Suzzara, near Mantua, on the misty banks of the Po. I'm father of four children and husband of Lauriana. The first years of life commit me to having a happy childhood. At the beginning of the 1980s I discovered Scouting and a passion for the outdoors. After a few years, while on school desks I work on computer science and electronics, I start climbing. My passion is logic and - thanks to Curry-Howard's isomorphism - the step towards theoretical computer science is short.


The first luster of the 90s I dedicated myself to the study of philosophy at the Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna.


I clarified my ideas for my future at the École normal supérieure in Paris.


Back in Italy, I worked for a few years on the study and development of mathematical models for transport networks.


I was co-founder of NSI. At first I write software, I design databases, I lead teams and projects, later I became responsible for software development and a member of the board of directors.


I moved from extreme sedentarism to the marathon and discover two things: that the limits exist, which can sometimes be overcome.


Together with the members of NSI, I founded AlbaNSI, the software development company of which I am President, in Shkoder, Albania. In addition, I started teaching agile methods at the State University of Shkoder Luigj Gurakuqi.


I continue my work as Chief of Software Factory for NSI.