Gianluca Velez

CEO & Co-Founder

Husband, father of 6 children, entrepreneur, and engineer in Electronics and Computer Science.
I first approached computer science in the early 80s, during middle school, thanks to a thanks to a historic Texas Instruments TI-99 / 4A on which I started developing the first programs in Basic.
My passion for computer science brought me to a path of technical IT studies at high school and to the following degrees.


The 90s were the years of studies and of the two degrees in Electronic Engineering and Computer Engineering, but they were also the years of the first working experiences in the Information Systems Department of the historic Minardi Team of F1 in Faenza.


I contributed to the creation of Endurance SRL, of which I conducted the activities related to the development of networks and systems for 2 years.


My experiences flowed into the nascent NSI Nier Solutions Informatics, where I continued to deal with Networks and Systems and then started the business related to Privacy and Security.


I found myself migrating from a technical profile to the role of the company's General Commercial Director.


I landed as CEO and led the company through the serious global financial crisis that hit those years. Once the crisis is over, NSI is solid and ready to ride the opportunities that present themselves with growth rates of + 30%. In these years I enriched my managerial skills, thanks to numerous training courses and experience in the field.


I'm in charge of Alba NSI, Albanian branch based in Shkoder.


Today I deal with strategies, extraordinary operations, finance and staff development.