the software that manages documents for you

BABEL is an open source software system that takes care of managing your digital archive and your current documentation.

BABEL guarantees a shared layer of services and management of document flows, such as: user's virtual desk, management of document files, digital signature, document converter, Instant Messagging, PEC Gateway, federated address books, BPMS, Single Sign On.

This common layer of services are available, in “plug-ins” mode, vertical solutions to manage specific processes such as: IT protocol, Determines, Resolutions, etc.

What BABEL offers you

Virtual desk

The first function of BABEL is the virtual desk, or the bulletin board of activities: through this the user has immediately available notifications, documentation and the activities assigned to him by the applications of the various bodies integrated with it. When the specific Entity activity to be performed is then chosen, BABEL starts the application capable of carrying it out.

Protocol documents

BABEL allows the creation of protocol documents thanks to integration with other systems such as Sirer, the software system of the ethics committees of Emilia-Romagna.

Internet certified e-mail

The PEC Internauta is the BABEL module that manages the certified mailboxes and allows access to the certified mail accounts enabled for the user, even for different companies.


Open Source

BABEL is a highly customizable software that can be automatically modified by the user.

High accessibility

BABEL is built with interfaces designed and tested to be simple and pleasant to use.

Collaboration with third party systems

BABEL is a set of integrated solutions (with Sirer for example), open at the same time to application collaboration.

Management of specific processes

Thanks to BABEL it is possible to easily manage processes such as: IT protocols, Determinations and Resolutions.

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